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What We Do

Wrico Generators has been specializing in the supply of mobile and stationary power generators for more than 38+ years. We offer a full lineup of generators and electronic components often integrated with generators, such as inverters, auto/starts and transfer switches. Our combined experience and technical knowledge of our products sets us apart, allowing us to provide the highest level of product technical support to our customers. Whether you’re integrating a single component or designing a complete system we can help eliminate the guess work. We look forward to speaking with you.

Mission Statement

Informed buyers the world over know that Wrico Generators makes the best generators in the world, bar none. Whether you need mobile power, or onsite electrical backup, Wrico is the workhorse that gets the job done at an optimal price. Wrico has been making generators for 38+ years and has a proven track record of providing a superior Made in America product. When you buy a Wrico Generator you are getting proven reliability, flexibility, durability and a customizable cost effective solution to your electric power needs. No matter where you are in the world, Wrico Generators will customize an electrical power solution to fit your specific needs and ship worldwide. Once on site, expect your generator to run up to 60,000 hours on your choice of fuel. Ask about our new geo specific biofuel products that provide local electrical service, independent of the price of oil.
for additional information or to discuss your needs for a custom built generator. We are here to be your partner in meeting your electrical power solutions.